Choosing Your Boat

Choosing Your Boat

Boating in Maine is an experience beyond compare.

With our pristine environment, 3000+ lakes, rivers, streams, and miles of beautiful coastline, it is an integral part of our heritage and lifestyle.

The natural resources here in Maine allow us the perfect setting for many pleasurable days on the water.

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Choosing Your Boat

At Clark Marine you will enjoy a very conversational approach to sales.

We do not have a practiced sales routine. We are not polished or pushy and our only goal is to have you be introduced to the boat that is just right for you.

Please bring the family, your friends, an advisor, whomever has a concern in your decision.

We feel it is essential that everyone is provided a chance to have their questions answered. We want to make sure everyone is able to voice their concerns in a comfortable uninhibited surrounding.

We encourage all questions and viewpoints. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

The better the job we can do in helping you choose your boat, the more time you will find your family and friends enjoying it!

We want you to love your boat. Dreaming at the desk about your boat. Accelerating through that yellow light to make it home just two minutes earlier because you would rather those two minutes be behind your boat's steering wheel, instead of your car's steering wheel in traffic! Dropping the cellphone in a basket and popping the kids in a tube, screaming across the lake on a hot afternoon. Finding out how quiet it really is on a late night drift. We’re with you! (But on a serious note...don't risk your life at any yellow lights!)

Your leisure time is serious business!

We take great responsibility in making sure you invest in a boat that will become part of your daily life. You come to us looking for quality advise. Creating long term relationships start with low pressure and build on mutual trust. When you purchase from Clark Marine you will feel as though you have made a well informed decision among friends.

We will take it upon ourselves to ask the right questions of you, so that you may ask the right questions of us.

Please plan to visit with us.

We will take whatever time you feel is appropriate to show, answer, explain, and demonstrate.

There is no set pattern, no time frame, no requirements.

You will find your time spent at Clark Marine to be of value.

Location, Location, Location...

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