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1600 Vision WT-Work

Crestliner One Day Winter Sale

The Boat Shows Are Done But That Does Not Mean That Savings Can Not Be Had!

We have been to known to be rather flexible when it comes to the pricing of our new and used boats. Many times the asking price can be further negotiated. Give us a try!

There  also much more then just the asking price to settle on too. 

* Are there options that could e added to a package to make the boat most usable for you? We can talk about those things.

* To keep a boat in top operating condition, they require annual services. We can talk about how we can help reduce or best control the costs of services. 

So as mentioned, we might not have a series of Manufacturer Boat Show Discounts working for us at this time of the year but it but it does not mean we can't create a sale just for you! 

Call, Email, or Just Stop By, We look forward to meeting with you.