Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We wonder the same thing as you: what do our customers have to say about us? You can find reviews all over the internet, but we decided to go back to the source every year to see which areas we are excelling in, and which areas we need to improve in. We care about your experience, and put effort into making your boating experience the best it can be.

Here are the reviews we have received for our 2016-17 season from people who store with us, and people have made new purchases here in 2016. These are posted exactly as written on the survey card.

New Boat Purchase Survey Card Comments

"Thank you! We love the boat! :)"

"We love the boat. We appreciate your service! Also enjoy your friendly staff, thanks"

"It was especially outstanding that you offered to give us back the money we paid towards a new boat next year, Thank You."

"Great people and atmosphere. I drove over 100 miles one way and I am totally satisfied."

"Great Boat & Purchase."

"Being a single woman I was very pleased with the professionalism and care. I felt very secure."

"We spoke with Nelson about the boat we purchased and he was excellent!! Told us everything we needed to know about the boat!!"

"Excellent experience w/all personnel including mechanics, sales, service, support. Great dealership!"

"Rob, You done good!"

"Excellent all around service. All questions answered. Expect the same service in the future."

"You folks have been Great - Always treated with the utmost of respect - Andrew was there for me when needed Thanks."

"Only problem I have is the pin on the trailer tongue jack is bent so trailer sits funny when on jack.

"Mechanical issue was resolved promptly - thank you."

"Very Happy with experience Thank-You"

"Thank you for helping my parents w/the purchase"

"I bought From Clark Marine because you had a used boat that fit my needs."

"Fixed quickly after delivery. Thanks."

"Great sales team, very quick and courteous. Had delay on ordering parts but got it eventually. Pleased. Thank You! for all you do!"

"Courtesy and respect in the way we were treated was outstanding."

"Excellent Excellent service! Thanks for taking such great care of us through our first time boat buying!!"

"Excellent comunication The adjustment on the seat helped a lot. All crew was excellent! Bruce + Derrick are the bomb!"

"Like the willingness to work together."

"Your a class act"

"Excellent service, fast service call, very knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend"

"Although 1st time buyers my father-[NAME WITHHELD]-bought several boats from Clark"

"I would not have bought this boat from any other dealer."

"Trolling motor was missing a knob, a bolt was substituted & wanted the proper knob, called on a Friday and they sent it (right then) & surprised. All else was perfect!"

"Very friendly and helpful"

"Rob was great to deal with. Honest, and a "straight shooter" Really I will be buying from you again Enjoyed dealing w/him."

"Derek - great tech.!! Good people!!"

"Enjoyed working with Adam"

"1st time boat buyer. Bruce was excellent Very good experience"

"Very pleased with on time delivery date"

"Derrick is a keeper!"

"Everything was great as always! Thanks"

"As a 1st time boat buyer - the experience at Clark Marine seemed easy and seemless."

"Appreciate the courteous and prompt service and helpful staff"

"Nice boat - good choice for us! Thank you."

"Pleasure to do business with Clark Marine"

"Excellent process by Bruce Furgeson"

"Very impressive customer service!"

"You Guys have gone above + beyond to keep us on the water Thank you"

"I felt the whole process was very good! And would recomend your dealership to others."

"Very good experience. Nice boat, excellent folks."

"Great experience Competent Staff Excellent Product"

"You treated us great"

"Clark Marine is the only place to do business with. As always great service and attention to detail. Keep up the great work!"

"Good bunch - Smart bunch. They like my dog. Completed by the spouse who knows everything! :)!"

"Very nice to deal with everyone at your dealership. Thank you!"

"You are great!"

"Very good service to and from our waterfront. Maintenance and storage has been excellent to this date."

New Boat Purchase (Follow-up) Survey Card Comments

"Great service - Great people Couldn't be more pleased"

"Thank you for your great service! Love that you pick up our boat at our dock!"

"Very pleased with all staff at Clark!"

"Everyone from Owner, Sales & Service was proffesional and easy going. Even Dave!! (HaHa) Thanks BTW - Time for a larger building"

"Last summer was great!!! Very happy! Thanks!!! You were always there when you said you would be - that is RARE today!!!!"

"Awesome service. Had a minor issue with the boar & your team fixed it up good as new. Highly recommend Clark Marine!!"

"Feel well covered"

"Your staff was very helpful and very willing to help us"

"I'll stop in soon. For me the only real issue and fix with policy no smoking in vehicles, buildings, or entry to buildings."

"We recommended Clark Marine to everyone. We are very pleased w/ the service we've recieved. Thank you!"

"Very happy with all service!"

"Keep up the good work"

"If there is a problem we will contact you. Happy Holidays. Overall very pleased - you try hard to please."

"Totally satisfied. We enjoy the personal attention."

"Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the boat & appreciate your top-quality customer service & buying experience!!"

"Keep up good work - love doing business with you! And referring people to you!"

"Service with Corey & Nelson is always great!"

"We love our new motor, nothing [to change], very satisfied! Always exceptional service! Thank you!"

"I appreciate the service - better communication between Manchester and Monmouth is something to work on."

"Everyone at Clark has been great - we couldn't be happier with the purchase and service after the sale!"

"We love the new boat and always get exceptional service."

"Great service - Thank you."

"Thank you for all your help!!"

"The boat is very nasty in a little chop. Especially side to the chop."(Referring to a Mod-V vs a Deep-V Hull)

"Great boat, great service - appreciate you getting us started in the boating world."

"You could broaden best practices and write standard operating procedure, like delivering a boat. All your guys do it differently - some better than others."

"I'm very happy with he whole experience and am counting down until April 1st! Thank you!! :)"

"See you in the Spring!!!"

"Still very happy with the boat, buying experience, and followups. No complaints."

"Thank you!"

"Very happy with the service so far."

"Clark Marine was a pleasure to do business with!"

"Merry Christmas!"

"Doing great job, Rob Brown."

Storage Card Comments

"Rob - they did a great job getting the boat ready early."

"Since storage all is great! Nice Job"

"Keep storage spot open for me"

"I was disappointed my seat was not repaired"

"We asked for some repairs to be done- none were done- some confusion I guess."

"I am so grateful for your professional and courteous staff: always a pleasure to speak with any one of you."

"Just nice -- respectful!"

"Thank you for doing a much nicer job on the carpet this year. Much Appreciated."

"Superior customer service from Eric & Josh Ranks"

"Issue pending -- So far excellent!"

"2016 boat was delivered in July with oil/water in bilge + storage locker that stained life jackets - now ok"

"Nick did an outstanding job. Very efficient would like to have him handle my boat in the future."

"I Appreciate that when I have a boat problem or question - you are able to help quickly!"

We received 5 starts "After correction of pool launch and subsequently sinking my boat"


"Fully- Rob worked with us to resolve our issue. Vert Satisfied"

"Have the interior of the boat cleaner on returning in the spring"

"Boat was scheduled to be delivered + was not. I called + it was delivered that day. Thank you."

"Person making delivery did a great job swept boat and delivered keys to my door"

"Need to buy a $10 part when I picked up the boat- would have been good to be reminded of the Loyalty Program Credits at that time"

"Boat was clean, but covered with dust from the dirt parking lot"

"All good"

"Everything so far works fine!"

"Light was on run down battery might have been either one of us just hitting the light (no fault). Nick was very nice"

"This year was a significant Improvement! Last 2yrs there were issues with the battery (Dead + Not Connected) Boat was very clean + fully operational"

"Check inflation of trailer tires. Mine were severely underinflated at pickup (first time ever)"

"Keep up the good work"

"Well done!"

"I know there was a boat in scheduling mix-up but thanks for squeezing in my delivery in the sane day it was supposed to be-"

"No issue at all kind- respectful- means everything!!"

"Very Good Service"

"Always great delivery w/you for 15 years! Thank you!"

In response to the question: "If you were able to change anything regarding your Storage Package what would it be?

"Nothing- I am very pleased with the whole service"

"Lower the cost"

"The 2wks load time to set boat in or out is not always easy, but it is what it is"

"Very happy with service"

"Nothing - Can honestly think anything I would change -"

"All good"

"Don't need to call about power wash or gas- just do it if needed"

"Mine is perfect. Great job."

"Nothing at present , everything seems to keep the pontoon boat as good as can be expected. Thanks for your care, consideration and service"

"Nothing. Happy as it is."


"Would prefer ropes be left attached - this is the first year they were all removed & very hard to tie up on a windy day when no ropes!"

"Cost- But that is always the case"

"No change"

"It's great!"

"Storage inside not outdoors"

"Price! A little pricey but excellent service!"

"Have boat stored indoors"


"Make certain that all issues/ problems are fixed or resolved before boat is delivered next July. A complete double check before boat leaves the yard"

"Weather! Dilema: Effective cleaning chemicals cause accelerated deteriation. Solution: None Known"



Letters We Have Received

"Thank you very much for all of your help this summer. Each person with whom I came in contact with was professional, knowledgable, helpful and caring. This combination equals superior customer service. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to you and Clark marine for picking up our boat on such short notice. You helped us out when we really needed it and are so appreciative. We are closing up camp quickly and preparing to head home to Louisiana to deal with a family emergency, but we will not forget your kindness in our time of distress. Thank you again and have a good winter. we look forward to next summer."

"Thank you!! We were on vacation and would have been very unhappy if we could not use our boat. Thanks also for fast service."

"Thank you for great service! Monmouth team is outstanding!"

"I would be remiss if I did not contact you regarding my experience with your service staff during the summer of 2016. Upon the recommendation of a good friend and fellow boater [NAME WITHHELD] of Winthrop, Maine I contacted your facility regarding an annoying problem I had been experiencing with my Johnson outboard motor. While looking at a shrinking boating season your staff was able to schedule my boat into your service facility in a reasonable amount of time considering that period of the year.After a conversation with your service technician about symptoms that the motor was showing, they were able to zone in on the problem and expedited a fix while keeping me in the loop regarding their progress and cost estimate."

"Thank you for the excellent service."

"I found it refreshing to have had contact with such a knowledgeable and professional staff."