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Welcome Aboard!
Thank You For Visiting With Us Here At Clark Marine.

"For Winterization Service Only Pricing Please Click Here"

If You Are a Current Storage Full Service Customer, Or
If You Purchased Your Boat From Us This Year Your Spot Is Guaranteed.

For Others, Space Is Limited. Traditionally We Only Have a Few Spots Become Available.
If You Are Interested In Storing With Clark Marine,
Please Call 207-622-7011 And We Will Facilitate As Space Allows.

For A Full Description Of Services and Menu Pricing Please Scroll Down This Page.

Boat Storage Services
"We Store Boats"

At Clark Marine We Offer a Comprehensive Service Package That Keeps Your Boat Healthy Safe Fully Functional and Looking New For The Long Run. 
Our Service Packages Are All Inclusive: Winterization - Storage - Basic Cleaning - Spring Commission Are Rolled Into One Affordable Price!

"No Voodoo Math Annual Package Fees" Are Positioned to Assure Boating Remains a Valued Recreation.
Full Service & Storage Package Pricing Can Be Found By Scrolling Down This Page.

"For Winterization Service Only Pricing Please Click Here"

Boat Storage Services

Clark Marine Preferred Customer Full Service "No Voodoo Math" Packages Are Designed To Be Cost Effective and All Inclusive! 
Boat Storage Services

"In Season" Preferred Customer Status Offers:

Priority Scheduling - Our Preferred Customers Automatically Go to the front of the line!

24 Hour Response Guarantee - Speed To Service Is Important. We address service issues for our Preferred Customers on the same day or minimum, within 24 hours of notice.

Lake Services - Available to Preferred Customers Only.

Reduced Labor Rates - Discounted labor rate on accessory installations or unexpected repairs.

Just because we didn't sell it doesn't mean we won't care for it!
These advertised services are available to all.

$100.00 Annual Discount
Available To Those Folks Who Purchased Their New Or Used Boat From Clark Marine

The Fine print 

Please Note: Transportation Services include pickup and delivery at state sponsored public landings

Quotes do not include state sales tax, fuel filters, fine detailing or pressure washing.

Storage package pricing can be guaranteed, transportation pricing cannot.



Annual Package Pricing
Includes Complete Winterization Services, Basic Cleaning, Storage, and Spring Commission.
Materials and Labor, Included.

Package A: $850.00 Light Side Console Package Inside Storage
Transportation Services Available, See Bottom Of This Text Box For Details.
Light & Side Console Aluminum - 16 feet and under Up to 60 HP 2 & 4 Stroke Outboard Powered Boats Includes: Fall Services, Inside Storage, Basic Wash, Spring Services, Customer Transports.
It's The Price Package Folks Have Asked Us For!

Package B: $1100.00 Annual Fee - Mid Range Boats - Shrink Wrap Storage
Transportation Services Available, See Bottom Of This Text Box For Details.

16 to 18 Foot Pontoon and V-Hull, Up to 3 Cylinder 2 & 4 Stroke Outboard Powered Boats.
Aluminum Utility Side Console with Cleaning - Small Bass Boats up to 4 Cylinder Engines.
(Add $50.00 For 18' Pontoon Boats powered By 4 Cylinder 2 & 4 Stroke Engines.)
Inside Storage For V-Hull Boats On Trailers Only, Add $150.00.

Package C: $1200.00 Annual Fee - Outboard Powered Boats - SW Storage
Sterndrive Boats Up To 20 Feet All Engine Sizes.
19 - 22 Foot Pontoon 2 & 4 Stroke Outboard Powered Boats.
19 - 22 Foot V-Hull 2 & 4 Stroke Outboard Powered Boats.
Bass Boats Up To 20 Feet w/6 Cylinder Outboard Engines, Includes Livewell Antifreeze.
(Mercury Verado Engines add $50.00.)
Limited Inside Storage Add $200.00 - V-Hull Boats On Trailers Only.

Package D: $1300.00 Annual Fee - Large Freshwater Boats - SW Storage
Transportation Services Available, See Bottom Of This Text Box For Details.

All Stern Drive Powered Boats 20 - 24 Feet in Length, All HP Ranges.
23 - 24 Foot Pontoon and V-Hull, 2 & 4 Stroke Outboard Powered Boats.
Bass Boats 21 - 22 Feet With Mercury Verado Engines, Includes Livewell Antifreeze.
(No Inside Storage Available For Boats In This Size Range.)

Transportation: All Packages
Local, Lakes Within 20 Miles One Way From Our Manchester Facility Add $150.00 ($85.00 each way) For Pick Up And Delivery To and From Boat Landings.
This Is Our Preferred Method Of Transportation.
Outside 20 Miles One Way, Quotes Offered Upon Request.
Local - Add $250.00 ($125.00 each way) For Pick Up and Delivery To Your Dock.
Add $50.00 To Tie Out Mooring, Delivery To Dock Required For This Service.
These Are Estimated Charges Dependent on Total Time Necessary To Complete. 

Exact Quotes Can Be Provided Upon Request.

Additional Cleaning Services Available.

Packages Include Basic Cleaning To Include Bottom Or Pontoon Cleaning.
Plus 3 Hours Of Interior Cleaning Split Between Fall & Spring Services (This Removes The First Layer).
Each Additional Hour Of Approved Cleaning Add $50.00 Per Hour.
Carpet Pressure Washing Add $50.00.
Tri-Toon Pontoon Cleaning Add $50.00.

Foot Notes 
1. Packages Prices Do Not Include Maine State Sales Tax.
2. Package Pricing Does Not Include Fuel Filter Or Spring Fueling Cost.
3. All Packages Over 24 Feet = $1200.00 + $25.00 Per Foot Over For Storage.
4. Kicker Motors W/Package - Charged For Winterization & Spring Make Ready

Base Storage Package Cost + Incidentals = Annual Storage Package Cost Incidentals Include: Transportation, Additional Cleaning, Mooring Services.
We Keep It As Simple As We Can For Everyone Involved.

"Purchased From Clark Marine Benefits"
$100.00 Package Discount From The Prices Listed Above if Your New or Used Boat Was Purchased from Clark Marine.

"Please Contact Us Via E-Mail With Questions Or Comments, Click Here"

Or Contact Us By Phone at 207-622-7011 

"Winterization Service Only Pricing Please Click Here"

Multi-Boat Discount Packages Are Available!

Boat Storage Services
Boat Storage Services

There's More!
We invite you to contact us today to talk about how we can add more security to your boating time,
and more value to your boating dollar.

We Hope You Offer Clark Marine The Opportunity To Care For Your Boat.

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