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Cobbossee - Belgrade - 30 Mile River - Watershed Map

Our local water quality groups need your help! We would not have the beautiful, clean waterways without them.

Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed
PO Box 5003
Augusta, ME 04332

Diver assisted suction harvester Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed

Mission: To protect and improve the 28 lakes and streams of the Cobbossee Watershed. The Cobbossee Watershed has 28 lakes and streams within its 217-square mile area - beginning at Torsey Lake in Mount Vernon and ending in the Gardiner portion of Cobbossee Stream. Their efforts continue to focus on two separate, yet equally significant, threats facing the Cobbossee Watershed:

1. Non-Point Source (NPS) Pollution
2. Invasive Aquatic Plants (IAP)

Their MIL-FOILER program consists of various strategies to deal with menaces.
You can help! To Find out how, please visit their site.


Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance
PO Box 250
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918

BRCA Milfoil Team

BRCA conserves the lands, water quality, and natural heritage of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed. Their land trust includes land preservation through land acquisition and stewardship. BRCA has conserved nearly 9,000 acres through fee purchase or conservation easements, including the 6,000 acre Kennebec Highlands. Their lake trust includes the Milfoil program, the Conservation Corps program and the Watershed program.

Their activities include: land preservation, watershed protection, courtesy boat inspections, and youth conservation corps.


30 Mile River Watershed Association
PO Box 132
Mount Vernon, ME 04532

30 Mile Watershed

30 Mile Watershed’s mission is to preserve, improve, and protect the land and water quality in the 30 Mile River watershed. Their goals are:

1. Prevent the introduction of invasive species through early interception, detection and public education.
2. Detect and prevent pollution from point and nonpoint sources.
3. Encourage responsible and environmentally friendly enjoyment of our lakes and ponds by promoting safe boating practices


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