Clark Marine History

Clark Marine History

If you can remember back when Clark Marine originated in Downtown Gardiner, you would be of the World War II Generation. The Big One!

Here is how the story goes:

Shortly after being honorably discharged from the United States Armed Services, Walter Clark and Gerald Harriman opened Clark Buick on Mechanic Street in Gardiner. It was the late 40’s and things were booming! It did not take long for the early business to take off and eventually outgrow the dual level location.

In 1958, the Buick garage moved from the Mechanic street location to State Street in Augusta. The location of Clark Buick set right beside the original YMCA. As progress will have it, today both buildings are gone.

1958 was also the year Clark Marine opened their doors as Maine’s newest Evinrude Outboard Dealer.

Quick Timeline

1966 - The Buick garage was on the move again, this time relocating to a larger lot on Western Avenue.

1966 - David Harriman and Richard “Tiger” Olum buy into Clark Marine as full partners.

1968 - Clark Marine moves from Gardiner and takes up residence on outer Western Avenue in Augusta.

1972 - The Buick Garage is sold to the Brooks Brothers.

1972 - Walter Clark retires and sells his portion of the business to Gerald, David, and Richard (Tiger).

1985 - Rob Brown is hired on as a technician in Clark Marine’s service operation.

1987 - The Clark Marine facility burns to the ground. Clark Marine never closes a day of business.

1988 - Clark Marine opens its new dual level facility on the outer Western Avenue property.

1996 - Clark Marine moves to the Puddledock Road in Manchester, Maine.

1997 - Rob Brown purchases Richard “Tiger” Olum’s share of Clark Marine.

2005 - Clark Marine opens a full service and storage facility on Route 202 in North Monmouth, Maine.

2012 - Clark Marine purchases an indoor storage building located on Route 135 in Belgrade, Maine.

2018 - Clark Marine celebrates 60 Year Anniversary.

All of this history might seem a hard dry read unless you were part of it. It is intended to show is that Clark Marine has an established root system here in the greater Kennebec Valley region of Maine. Through good times and bad, wars, recessions, ups and downs, Clark Marine has persevered.

The original concept the company was founded on exists today as strong as it did a generation ago. To serve the Central Maine freshwater Boater with vigor! Clark Marine has always been known as an innovator to the boating public by always bringing to the community a fresh offering of the latest greatest boating styles and accessories to be enjoyed on our local lakes and ponds.

Clark Marine, though twists and turns, has established a foothold in Manchester, Monmouth, and Belgrade Maine. These three locations now provide the platform to serve Central Maine boaters for current and future generations.

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