Boating Safety

Boating Safety


Boating safety is something that we take very seriously here at Clark Marine. When we send you on your summer adventures, we care that you enjoy your boat safely, so you can for years to come. This page is provided to send you in the right direction to have all of your boating safety questions answered

When you are boating, we have a few simple tips that are designed to keep you safe.

1. Boating is not a mixer with your alcohol, so keep them separate. Driving a boat is just as serious as driving a car, and therefore operating a boat under the influence is just as serious. Boat responsibly, leave the alcohol on shore.

2. Always wear your life jacket. Life jackets only work when they are on. 70% of recreational boating fatalities are due to drowning, and 80% of those victims were not wearing a life jacket. Boating accidents can happen quickly and with little warning, not giving you enough time to grab for your life jack. Cool kids wear their life jackets.

3. Always make sure the boat is turned off and anchored before anyone leaves the boat. Even when you have your propeller in idle, it could still be moving. Don't turn a fun summer swim into a fatal one.

4. Don't over load your boat. On your boat there is a certain weight limit that it can hold. Just because there are enough seats, does not mean you can fit everyone on the boat safely. Make sure to check the weight limit for your boat and compare it to how many people you intend to put on the boat- that includes your dog.

5. Pay attention. On a beautiful summer day, there are bound to be plenty of people on the lake with you, including swimmers, kayakers, paddlers, wildlife, and other boaters. Be respectful and pay attention to the people around you.

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