Single Minded

Single Minded

Being "Single Minded" Is A Good Thing!

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"Thank You" For Choosing Clark Marine
We are all about you and your boat.

That's it: Single Minded.

Clark Marine is a full line recreational boat dealer.
We sell and service boats.

That means that we do not sell or service campers, lawn mowers, tractors, chain saws, personal watercraft, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, sporting goods, etc.

If you purchase a boat from a dealer who's primary product is not boating, you will always come second. 

At Clark Marine, You Will Always Come First.

Every educational dollar we spend goes directly to training on the service and repair of your boat and engine.

There is a great possibility that if boating is not your dealer's primary business, then you will have an untrained technician trying to guess his way through your boat services and repairs.

From watercraft selection to parts and accessories, all of our inventory dollars go toward offering you the most boating choices. We maintain a substantial marine parts and accessory department.

With Clark Marine your time without your boat is minimal.

With the "Boating as a Sideline" dealer, instead of being able to pick the part off the shelf and having you back on the water quickly, you will wait...and wait...and wait...

It's nearly impossible to run multiple businesses under one roof, and run each one of them exceptionally well.

Buy your camper, all-terrain vehicle, personal watercraft, tractor, snowmobile, etcetera from a retailer who specializes in that specific product line.

If you want someone who has a passion for boats, purchase your boat from Clark Marine and have your boat serviced by Clark Marine.

We are only about you and your boat.

"Single Minded"

Formally Educating Our Entire Staff Remains A Top Priority To Clark Marine.

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