Storage Packages

Storage Packages

We Store And Service Boats And We're Good At It!

#1 - We keep you on the water during the summer months.
That's What Our Preferred Customer Service & Storage Packages Are All About.

At Clark Marine we have our own brand of storing and caring for your boat.

"We Deliver More For Your Money"

Clark Marine's
"No Voodoo Math" - "With Benefits"
Preferred Customer Full Service Packages

The No Voodoo Math:

  • Flat-Rate, 5 Year Guaranteed Pricing.

The Benefits:

  • In Season Priority Scheduling.
  • Service Issues addressed within 24 Hours.
  • On The Water Services Only Available To Our Storage Customers.
  • Cleaning & Detail Included With Package.
  • Discounted Labor Rates.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Money Saving Coupons Mailed Periodically.
  • Transportation Services Available.
  • High End Services at a Price You Can Live With.

If you are looking cheap, check the oils, stabilize the fuel, throw a piece of plastic on and call it free storage... That's out there, but that's not us!

We Store Boats
"We Store Boats"

Our 38 Point Check System Is A Full Pound Of Prevention.
Every time we handle your boat we inspect your steering system, remote cables and connections. We don't cut corners when it comes to your family's safety.
We take it upon ourselves to make sure your family boat is safe and ready for you to use when you want to use it.

We change oils, we don't just check levels.
We use OEM Brand Oils, Filters, Parts.
We use Sta-Bil brand fuel stabilizers.
We are checking steering systems, and controls.
We inspect the integrity of your boat wiring, gauges, bilge pump, windshield alignment, seats, decking.
We pay close attention to your trailer, rollers, winch, jack, coupler, wheels & bearings.
We clean your boat inside and out before it is put into storage. A more intense cleaning is provided just prior to delivery in the spring.

Pick Up and Launch
"Pick Up & Launch Services Available"

Our Service Packages Add Longevity To Your Investment.
The way we implement services is very regimented.
Maintenance is delivered by factory educated technicians.

We don't over-do, still, we do not cut corners. The balance is right on.
We are not going to be the cheapest alternative.

Do you really want the lowest bidder taking care of one of your bigger investments?
How long do you intend to own your boat? We want to help you own it for a long time.

Clark Marine Preferred Customer Service and Storage Packages
Are Money Well Spent For An Accurate Job Well Done.

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